No Heat From The Furnace? Here Are Some Options For You

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No Heat From The Furnace? Here Are Some Options For You

As winter approaches and the temperature begins to drop, you need a furnace in good working condition. However, sometimes the furnace seems to operate but doesn’t release hot air out of the vents. It can be a hassle if your furnace isn’t functioning correctly during the freezing temperatures.

Troubleshooting Tips If The Furnace Is Not Heating

  • The air filter is clogged.

The most frequent issue in HVAC units like heat pumps and furnaces is that the air filters are clogged and dirty. The idea is to replace them yearly because a filter can hold on to dust, hair, pollen, and many more.

Cleaning out dirty filters is a simple and easy method to lessen wear on your HVAC system and can also repair a heater that’s not functioning.

  • The furnace is turned off.

Ensure that the power switch on your furnace has been switched on. There are many occasions for the power switch to be switched off accidentally. A switch flip could make your heater work again if that’s the case.

  • Low level of refrigerant.

Refrigerant might be the issue if your heater isn’t blowing warm, cool air. It could be that the unit is operating at a low level and will require an additional refrigerant.

Naturally, this isn’t something you’re likely to make on your own. If there is a refrigerant leak, call an HVAC professional for furnace repair in Cleveland Heights.

  • Problem with your electrical system.

Check the electrical breaker box to determine whether any fuse has failed to turn off. If the issue is related to electricity, it’s recommended to have one of our certified professional HVAC technicians examine the furnace or your heat pump. Contact All Engineered HVAC for furnace replacement in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.

  • Blocked registers of the system.

The blocked vents or registers could also cause the breakdown of your heater. If your HVAC system isn’t able to draw in enough air, it won’t be able to circulate warm air.

If there is an obstruction to the vent, the area with the vent might feel cooler than other rooms in your house. It could indicate that there is an issue with the ventilation. Call one of our specialists for furnace repair in Cleveland Heights.

  • Inadequate insulation.

Leaks in the ductwork or inadequate insulation can cause temperature issues during winter months. If the air circulation system has been damaged, the warm air isn’t circulated correctly in the home. Sometimes, rodents might enter the attic, causing leaks.

Insufficient insulation in the attic or the walls could also cause rooms to feel colder. In this case, your heater will work more to keep a warm space. Call our specialist for this issue.

  • Incorrect thermostat settings.

Check the thermostat that regulates the system’s HVAC. The HVAC system won’t turn on until the room temperature is over your set. Check that it’s set to heat or auto mode. Sometimes, the thermostat may become set to cooling rather than heating, which can cause the issue.

Your heater should kick in immediately when you change the thermostat to auto or heat. If your thermostat uses batteries, you should check and replace them if needed. If the thermostat has been correctly set, but your heater is not turning on, it could be due to an unreliable thermostat. Contact our HVAC expert for furnace repair in Cleveland Heights.


The cold air blowing through your vents can be a simple issue to address that you can tackle yourself. If you find that none of the troubleshooting methods listed above helps solve the issue, then it’s time to contact an expert and let an HVAC specialist analyze the issue with your furnace.

Contact All Engineered HVAC at 216-403-9760 or drop us a mail to schedule an appointment for furnace replacement in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Our skilled team can resolve the issue promptly and effectively.