Why Is The AC Running But Not Cooling?

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Why Is The AC Running But Not Cooling?

Have you ever experienced a problem where the air conditioning running unit in your home? Emitted hot air instead of cooling the room where you installed it? This issue can be frustrating and concerning, mainly when the temperatures are high.

Many factors have contributed to your air conditioning system not being in optimal condition, causing frequent AC repair in Cleveland Heights.

Reasons why AC is not emitting cold air:

Clogged coils

The condenser coils are clogging with dirt and other debris if the air conditioner is not producing enough cold air. The condenser in an air conditioner takes heat from the air. The condenser coil must be clean before it may release heat into the atmosphere.

As the coils become dirtier, the air conditioner loses efficiency, requiring it to work harder to maintain the ideal room temperature. If the coils are sufficiently dirty. As a result, The unit will never become cold enough to do its function and will be unable to maintain a pleasant temperature in the room.

Incorrect range of thermostat

You should check the thermostat’s settings first if your home is warmer. As a result, Adjust the temperature to a cool setting. Turn off the system and check if cold air is blowing from the registers.

If it is cold, the issue are already resolves. If this is not the case, the next step is to inspect the air filter and see if it requires AC replacement in Cleveland Heights, OH.

Power problems

You may find this apparent. Nonetheless, it is conceivable that this is one of the reasons why your air conditioner is malfunctioning. You can quickly check to determine if the air conditioner is plugging into the outlet correctly. Verify that the power cord is not compromised in any way.

Even if the plug and cord are functional, there is still a chance that the problem lies in the electrical panel. It’s conceivable that your device’s fuse has blown. Many of the machines are equipped with overload protection switches. In addition to that, please verify this.

Low refrigerant level

It absorbs heat from the surrounding air; if there is insufficient refrigerant or none, your air conditioner will be unable to remove heat from the room. As a result, Refrigerant may be escaping from your air conditioning running, which would explain why it’s not effectively cooling.

This issue is identifiable by its signs, which include hissing or bubbling sounds and ice accumulation on the exterior unit. Then, Contact a specialist for AC repair in Cleveland Heights.

Poorly insulated vents

Your home’s ductwork is an additional area where a leak may be present. Your home’s air ducts circulate conditioned air throughout the area. A leak in one of them could complicate distribution.

Due to the abundance of air conditioning ducts in the attic. As a result, some warm air may find its way into the ductwork, causing the interior temperature to rise.

The compressor is not currently operating

It is an essential component of any air conditioning system. In addition, It is responsible for transferring refrigerant between the system’s indoor and exterior units.

If the compressor is broken, the entire system cannot effectively cool the air inside your home. In addition, It’s likely that other, less costly, and more manageable electrical components have failed, creating the appearance that the compressor is malfunctioning.


The list of potential problems that may emerge with your air conditioning seen at the top of the page. However, If these issues arise with your air conditioning system, you always have the option of having it repairs.

These issues can create a substantial amount of trouble and can even lead to AC replacement in Cleveland Heights, CA. It is strongly advises to contact a professionals air conditioning service provider from All Engineered HVAC for assistance.